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Arts News org yr 20-21--
Arts Minute Oct 11 2021.pdf373 KB10/11/21 at 07:14 AM
Arts Minute Oct 4 2021.pdf237 KB10/04/21 at 10:18 AM
Arts Minute Sep 27 2021.pdf254 KB09/24/21 at 08:29 AM
Arts Minute Sep 20 2021.pdf273 KB09/20/21 at 06:45 AM
Arts Minute Sep 13 2021.pdf323 KB09/13/21 at 07:21 AM
Arts Minute Aug 30 2021.pdf2 MB08/30/21 at 07:08 AM
Arts Minute Aug 23 2021.pdf438 KB08/19/21 at 07:03 AM
Arts Minute Aug 16 2021.pdf390 KB08/16/21 at 06:33 AM
Arts Minute Aug 9 2021.pdf592 KB08/09/21 at 06:40 AM
Arts Minute Aug 2 2021.pdf512 KB08/02/21 at 07:15 AM
Arts News Jul 26 2021.pdf509 KB07/23/21 at 12:47 PM
Arts Minute Jul 19 2021.pdf436 KB07/19/21 at 10:23 AM
Arts Minute Jul 12 2021.pdf624 KB07/12/21 at 06:32 AM
Arts Minute May 17 2021.pdf758 KB05/17/21 at 08:02 AM
Arts News May 10 2021.pdf506 KB05/10/21 at 10:23 AM
Arts Minute May 3 2021.pdf544 KB05/03/21 at 07:36 AM
Arts Minute Apr 26 2021.pdf598 KB04/26/21 at 06:41 AM
Arts Minute Apr 19 2021.pdf787 KB04/19/21 at 10:06 AM
Arts Minute Apr 12 2021.pdf557 KB04/12/21 at 07:00 AM
Arts Minute Apr 5 2021.pdf728 KB04/05/21 at 10:00 AM
Arts Minute Mar 29 2021.pdf523 KB03/30/21 at 09:13 AM
Arts Minute Mar 22 2021.pdf458 KB03/22/21 at 09:10 AM
Arts Minute Mar 15 2021.pdf495 KB03/12/21 at 01:13 PM
Arts Minute Mar 8 2021.pdf427 KB03/07/21 at 05:39 PM
Arts Minute Mar 1 2021.pdf560 KB03/01/21 at 10:24 AM
Arts Minute Feb 22 2021.pdf519 KB02/22/21 at 06:42 AM
Arts_Minute_Feb_15_2021.pdf618 KB02/15/21 at 06:41 AM
Arts Minute Feb 8 2021.pdf640 KB02/08/21 at 06:51 AM
Arts Minute Feb 1 2021.pdf536 KB02/01/21 at 07:18 AM
Arts Minute Jan 25 2021.pdf333 KB01/22/21 at 01:38 PM
Arts Minute Jan 18 2021.pdf385 KB01/18/21 at 08:26 AM
Arts Minute Jan 11 2021.pdf1009 KB01/10/21 at 05:58 PM
Arts Minute Dec 21 2020.pdf395 KB12/21/20 at 05:02 AM
Arts Minute Dec 14 2020.pdf593 KB12/13/20 at 09:03 AM
Arts Minute Dec 7 2020.pdf596 KB12/04/20 at 02:44 PM
Arts Minute Nov 30 2020.pdf412 KB11/30/20 at 08:00 AM
Arts Minute Nov 23 2020.pdf321 KB11/23/20 at 06:44 AM
Arts Minute Nov 16 2020.pdf527 KB11/16/20 at 07:38 AM
Arts Minute Nov 9 2020.pdf398 KB11/06/20 at 02:13 PM
Arts Minute Nov 2 2020.pdf585 KB10/30/20 at 05:05 PM
Arts Minute Oct 26 2020.pdf564 KB10/26/20 at 07:00 AM
Arts Minute Oct 19 2020.pdf496 KB10/19/20 at 06:58 AM
Arts Minute Oct 12 2020.pdf377 KB10/09/20 at 08:19 AM
Arts Minute Oct 5 2020.pdf330 KB10/03/20 at 05:12 PM
Arts Minute Sep 28 2020.pdf324 KB09/28/20 at 06:52 AM
Arts Minute Sep 21 2020.pdf295 KB09/21/20 at 08:22 AM
Arts Minute Sep 14 2020 .pdf296 KB09/11/20 at 03:15 PM
Arts Minute Aug 31 2020.pdf432 KB08/31/20 at 09:46 AM
Arts Minute Aug 24 2020.pdf514 KB08/23/20 at 07:58 PM
Arts Minute 17-Aug.pdf455 KB08/16/20 at 03:09 PM
Arts Minute Aug 10 2020.pdf490 KB08/09/20 at 08:07 PM
Arts Minute Aug 3 2020.pdf519 KB08/02/20 at 01:47 PM
Arts Minute Jul 24 2020.pdf293 KB07/24/20 at 12:35 PM
Art News 5.20.19.pdf413 KB05/19/19 at 07:01 PM
April 1 2019 ART NEWS.pdf871 KB04/04/19 at 06:32 PM
March 18 Art News.pdf634 KB03/21/19 at 02:46 PM
March 4 Art News.pdf401 KB03/06/19 at 07:01 PM
Art News Feb 11 2019.pdf550 KB02/11/19 at 04:04 PM
Art News January 14.pdf273 KB01/17/19 at 08:49 AM
Arts News 12.17.18.pdf179 KB12/18/18 at 08:51 AM
Arts News November 19.pdf244 KB11/21/18 at 12:36 PM
Arts News November 12 2018.pdf665 KB11/13/18 at 10:46 AM
Arts News October 22.pdf401 KB10/23/18 at 10:00 AM
Arts News October 15.pdf395 KB10/16/18 at 08:13 AM
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